​From the ground up, Sharper Home Media was built on the foundation of doing great work for great people. Each listing photographed is treated as unique and marketed to its fullest potential. Sharper Home Media focuses on quality while delivering the same great service you'd expect from anywhere else like next-day turn around time and prompt customer service.

Sharper Home Media specializes in creating digital media and content including, but not limited to: Listing photos, Listing Videos, 3D Tours, Floor Plans, Drone & Aerial Photos, Agent Headshots, Virtual Dusk Photos, Zillow 3D Tours, Commercials and much, much more. Sharper Home Media is your one-stop-shop for all of your real estate marketing needs.

Sharper Home Media continually strives to be the most value-packed digital marketing service in the market that helps you list more homes and sell them faster.

The Team

Tim Armstrong

Founder, Sharper Home Media​
Videographer & Photographer

About Me

I'm a photographer based in Michigan who specializes in photographing real estate. I also have a mild obsession with architecture. I grew up in Michigan, outside of Detroit and relocated to Brooklyn (no, not New York) during elementary school. I started this business several years ago with a friend after catching up outside of a restaurant on Memorial Day and did it in my spare time. Since then, I am operating the business by myself. After being laid off during the pandemic, I jumped head first into doing real estate photography full-time and have never looked back. What started by chance turned out to be the perfect mix of technical challenge and creative outlet. I'm continuing today with my hope that in the future most (if not all) homes you see on the MLS will be photographed well.
​"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."
- Steve Jobs
I think photography and videography is a great mix of technological know-how and an outlet for creativity. I'm absolutely obsessed with technology and will happily find any excuse to have the lightest, fastest & best. I structure my life and work around simplicity and efficiency, so using the best equipment benefits both myself and my clients.

Thinking about it now, if I didn't do photography I think I would be an engineer. I've always found that I have a need to build something personal that works just the way I need it to. Whether it's a product like a piece of software, or the layout of my own home; I've always wanted to design these things so that they suit my lifestyle. I think that's why photography is great for me because it's a technical challenge while also allowing me to express my vision simultaneously.

Following these ideas, I also love to cook my own food, create my own music, build my own furniture, and over-design everything in my life to the point of insanity and exhaustion. At the same time, I also love simplicity, which I think can be seen throughout my work. Why overcomplicate something if it doesn't require it? After one of my ideas goes through the organized mess of my own design, I dial everything back and run with the best parts. This is my process and it works for me.

Past Clients Include Agents from:
Brookstone Realtors
ERA Reardon
Five Star Real Estate
Heart For Homes Real Estate Solutions
Howard Hanna
Keller Williams
RE/MAX Main Street
RE/MAX Platinum
Real Estate One
Preview Properties
Workhorse Realty
W2 Realty Group
& More.

My work has been featured on:
Cheap Old Houses
For The Love of Old Houses
Billboards & Local Magazines